Jeffrey R. Pickering presenting Better At The Broken Places

Wednesday, January 25th at 6 PM

Better-At-The-Broken-Places-cover.jpgA crack of the bat, a violent play at the plate, and 18 months of childhood sexual abuse under the guise of medicine by an Orlando, Florida pediatric orthopedic surgeon. In this powerful, heartbreaking, and inspiring story, former catcher, veteran philanthropy executive, and lifelong surfer, Jeffrey R. Pickering, details the horrifying moment when this 30 year old memory surfaced, his struggle for justice, and the healing journey that followed.

Pickering wrote this story to recover from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse, to help other survivors and those who know them, and to affect change in systems that continue to protect child sex abusers from prosecution. No victim or survivor should shoulder the pain and suffering of childhood sexual abuse alone. "Better at the Broken Places" reminds us all that we do not have to.