Jesse Watters presenting Get It Together

Saturday, April 27, At 10 AM through 1 PM


Great news!

Due to extremely high demand the signing will now start at 10 AM on Saturday April 27th!

If you planned on being here at 1 PM no problem… Jesse will still be signing into the afternoon!

Please reach out to the book center with any and all questions.


This is a ticketed event. Please call The Vero Beach Book Center at (772) 569-2050 to purchase a ticket.
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Can the political be way too personal? What if most radical activists are trying to change their lives by changing the whole country?

When Jesse Watters set out to interview a few dozen radical activists to find out where their wild ideas came from, he discovered two things that shocked him:

First, he liked these people.

Second, their political positions were not primarily from books, teachers, or other activists. They originated in personal drama. Most of these people didn’t need legislation. They needed a therapist.

In Get It Together, the number one New York Times bestselling author and Fox News primetime host takes on Wokeism in a way no one else has. Through a series of (sometimes very) personal interviews with some of the most radical activists in the country, Watters discovers that these activists may be overlooking the most important change they need to make—within themselves.

From activists working for climate change salvation, Black supremacy, and social justice to a professional cuddler and a transwoman who identifies as a wolf, Watters shows how many well-intentioned Americans have bought into causes invented and run by people who are illogical, emotional, and ill-informed.

Through their stories, Watters uncovers common threads—childhood traumas, broken relationships, and a lack of introspection. What if the people obsessed with the end of the world are just hurting from how this one has treated them? What if that, rather than ideological disagreements, is the deeper root of our country’s political divide?

Funny, fresh, and fascinating, Get It Together is sure to spark important conversations, and to inspire us to see one another not as political opponents, but as real and broken human beings.


About the Author
Jesse Watters serves as the co-host of The Five and the host of Jesse Watters Primetime, the two highest-rated cable news shows in America. Jesse rose to fame as a producer and correspondent for The O’Reilly Factor, which showcased his comedic street interviews, aggressive confrontations, and entertaining adventures all across the country. His autobiography, How I Saved the World, was a #1 New York Times bestseller. Born in Philadelphia, Jesse graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, with a bachelor’s degree in history.